Smart Security Solutions

Smart Security Solutions

Smart Security Solutions

FlashLock’s keyless solution improves security, key control, and accountability throughout your organization.

Track Activity

View where, when, and by whom locks are being used to increase security and accountability.

Manage Remote

Securely manage locks and users from anywhere in the world with simple cloud based software.

Text Access

Grant one-time emergency access or recurring access to contacts via text message.

Easy to Install

With no wiring, installing smart locks is simple. You can even retrofit your existing door hardware!


Keyless Locks | Rentals

Real Estate

FlashLock makes it easy for real estate brokers and sellers to manage access to their property.  Easily share and monitor access for open houses adding better visibility, convenience and security.

Public Utilities

Passing around multiple combinations or carrying rings full of keys that are easy to lose is inefficient and expensive. With FlashLock’s smart locks, workers can unlock hundreds of locks all from their phone at remote sites. 

Keyless Locks | Utilities
Keyless Locks | Offices

Property Management

FlashLock makes it easy for property managers to control and track access to multiple properties. Easily grant one-time access to maintenance employee to fix emergency pipe leak. 


Instantly grant access to organizations or individuals who need to fill up at water stations.  Track usage and view audit trails to keep complete control over your remote water fill stations.

Keyless Locks | Construction Sites
Keyless Locks | Construction Sites


The FlashLock padlock removes the hassle of keys and combinations by allowing construction workers to use their mobile device for entry to remote job sites. 


Customize access permissions for teachers and staff to fit your school’s needs. They can conveniently open doors using their smartphone and you can track who accessed which door and when, with audit trails. 

Keyless Locks | Sheds

Storage and Moving

Enjoy the ease and convenience of sharing access to storage units with customers and workers without having to lend out a physical key or combination.

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